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About Us

Skid Den was created to assist people who were in need of a community to fit into. As we slowly started to grow it became more clear that we needed to go past a community and be a family. So our main goal is to ensure that our family members are safe online as there are many people who are just seeking to get your information. We seek to make sure that you know what you are doing online and also how to retaliate if someone is trying to get your personal information, passwords real name, ect. And we will continue to serve you guys not only as an Online Community but as a Family.


Skid Den has a Wide Range of products ranging from Free to Paid. Our Products/Tools are requested by our community as we love to take open suggestions by anyone.

Helpful users

We have a wide range of users who are willing to assist at any time possible. We strive to have a community that are not just a community but a family.

Our Tools

We strive to have funtional and useful tools. Our aim is to develop tools that are not only useful but ensure saftey for the user using it, we strive to make sure that our community is always on the safest part of the World Wide Web

Need help?

With our support you never need to only rely on Staff as our community always is willing to help you. Our community Discord is always active and willing to help you at any time necessary.

By clicking here you can join our Discord Server for Community and Staff Support and always recieve updates about future products to be released in Skid Den.

Our Tools

Tools that Skid Den Staff Recommends

Omegle Script

The omegle script has gotten easier to use by just downloading an extention onto your Google Chrome browser.

IP Pinger

With this tools you have the ability to be able to ping your target IP Address. The tool is self explainitory and easy to use.

Port Scanner

Port Scanning helps you find open ports to attack with on a Stresser. Attacking an Open Port is the best way to hit off an IP Address.

Multi Tool

This multi tool will make it easier for you to access that stuff you need all in once place. Make sure you open the axis.bat to use this tool. (Username: root | Password: root)

Quez Stresser (Recommended)

Quez Stresser is as Free IP Stresser that Skid Den Staff Recommends of use. They are so far the best and most powerful Free IP Stresser that we've used.

Want to replace tools?

If you believe you have a better replacement tool (If you have a better Multi Tool or Pinger) join our Discord and contact one of our Staff so we can test and update our list of Recommended Tools.